Pose Estimation

There might be a need for pose estimation, be it to react if e.g., elderly people fall, children behave in unwanted ways at a school or playground, or monitoring any other form of activity, if needed.

AIDirections Pose Estimation solution recognises basic human actions by analysing the locations and movements of human skeletal joints using the simplest hardware, a camera.

By performing pose estimation and action detection tracking, we can develop a finer-grained and more natural understanding of human behaviour.
This real-time understanding and prediction allows our customers to avoid unnecessary actions and analyze human poses during physical activities more accurately.
Here are couple of scenarios for the uses of AIDirections Pose Estimation solution:
• Monitoring workers performing a certain activity that might involve walking, climbing or descending
• Monitoring and detecting unwanted behaviour
• Monitoring falling or slipping of people in certain locations such as factories, school playgrounds, hospitals or even elderly houses

To know more about the different use cases click here.

Heat Maps

In order to optimize your business operations to attract more customers and increase engagement while they shop or engage in the online shop, you need an understanding where in the shop customers are going to – and where not. Heat maps is an AI solution that can help in such situation by generating graphic representation of traffic in a specific location.

Heat maps make it possible to study the customer’s journey by anonymously analyzing – while respecting customer’s privacy – how many people pass through a zone, how many people stay, and for how long. It is very important to measure the flow of visitors at points of sale, and heat maps are a useful solution to accomplish this. 

AIDirections’ Heat map solution can collect the following KPIs:
• Total number of visitors in a store, a specific zone or during a selected time-period
• Least interesting zones for visitors
• Most interesting zones for visitors 
• Average visit time in a zone or in the store.

AIDirections is more than glad to demonstrate the numerous benefits of integrating heat maps and how it can improve your business operations.

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Head Count

Whether you are an organizer of large-scale events or simply need to count the number of people at your shop, the key to success is an understanding of what is going on.

AIDirections has developed an AI powered head count technology that can count the number of people in an area instantaneously and can be easily integrated at a wide variety of locations where congestion is expected to occur.

Highly congested places such as airports, metro stations and sports events can be very difficult for ordinary systems to obtain an accurate count of the number of people by detecting faces or human bodies, as people may not be facing the cameras and human bodies may overlap.

AIDirections head count solution’s accuracy can also help in ensuring the safety and health of the visitors by avoiding overcrowding and giving the organizers a much appropriate guidance and understanding of the movement of people at a certain location.  

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