TRAIDY – AI Algorithmic Trading

Having continued success in stock trading is a common dream, yet not easy to achieve and maintain. AIDirections has developed an AI-based algorithmic trading solution, which allows exactly this to happen.

This development is in its final stages, and the information below is an overview of what has been achieved so far – regular updates will follow, please watch this space.

• We started testing TRAIDY by backtesting at the beginning of this year (applied for 4.5 years), with the following results:
• Compounded Rate of Return: 200+%
• Win Ratio: 84% of 97000+ trades were winners.
• Maximum Drawdown: 3% (on Feb 2020)
• Annualized Sharpe ratio: 3.89
• Profit Factor: 9.52.
• We started testing TRAIDY with paper trading account on February 14, 2022, via the Interactive Broker platform. So far, the paper trading results match with our backtesting results.
Next plans are to test TRAIDY by investments, and we are looking forward to exchanging further information with you during this exiting journey.

More information about TRAIDY can be found in the White Paper, and a video of TRAIDY’s performance. Please contact us.

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