Pain Detection

Patient’s experience is one of the defining factors for hospitals – a good and efficient pain management, as well as understanding the pain situation of a patient without long examination, are key factors in the patient’s experience.

AIDirections developed the Pain Detection Solution, which detects, just using a normal camera, the amount of pain a patient is in. This has several possible applications, such as

• Monitoring pain levels without a human needing to be present;
• Reliable and repeatable identification of pain levels over time;
• Use in telemedicine
– the Pain Detection Solution can be integrated in mobiles:
• Prioritizing in emergency rooms;
• Detecting pain when people are unable to communicate.

The following videos illustrate some of the use cases.
If you are interested in knowing more about the Pain Detection Solution, please read through our White Paper.
AIDirections is proud to have received the Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology Leadership Award, please have a look at the AI Directions_2019_Award Report.

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