Leakage Detection Sensor

If you are a facility manager of a high-rise tower or a manufacturing plant, one of the problems you most likely have been facing is that water pipes burst, and the water gets into aisles, flats, lifts, production lines, etc. – nothing anybody wants to experience. AIDirections developed a leakage detection sensor, which can be placed at each floor at the neuralgic points where such a burst is likely to occur. These leakage detection sensors communicate wireless to the respective building management system and raise an alarm if there is a damaging leakage occurring.

If you are worried about successful communication within the premises or the security of this communication – AIDirections uses a long-range wide area network (LoRaWAN), which works well in towers, and the communication is well secured.

AIDirections is currently in the process of implementing these leakage detection sensors in a pilot project in Dubai – more updates will follow soon, please watch this space.

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Head Count

Whether you are an organizer of large-scale events or simply need to count the number of people at your shop, the key to success is an understanding of what is going on.

AIDirections has developed an AI powered head count technology that can count the number of people in an area instantaneously and can be easily integrated at a wide variety of locations where congestion is expected to occur.

Highly congested places such as airports, metro stations and sports events can be very difficult for ordinary systems to obtain an accurate count of the number of people by detecting faces or human bodies, as people may not be facing the cameras and human bodies may overlap.

AIDirections head count solution’s accuracy can also help in ensuring the safety and health of the visitors by avoiding overcrowding and giving the organizers a much appropriate guidance and understanding of the movement of people at a certain location.  

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People Flow

Understanding where people move in places such as tourist attractions, shopping malls and large venues is of interest wherever people gather. This is interesting by shop owners, mall managers, event organizers, etc..

The People Flow Solution by AIDirections uses an inhouse Development Framework to provide our customers with the ability to detect and track people within a defined area using only computer vision.
• Counting people moving in and out of a space
• Creation of heat maps to allow for analysis of people movements. For more information about heat maps

With AIDirections’ People Flow analysis you can:
• Measure and visualize the paths taken by the customers
• Track movement patterns, sales conversion rate, customers dwell time and much deeper visitor’s analytics!

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